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Business Valuation

Business Valuation

Business Valuation Services is a process to estimate the economic value of an business.

Not only help you to answer your queries. But also keep on continuing support and advice till you not succeed in your target. We have numerous satisfied clients who gave a mark of outstanding trust in and prompt service. PLEASE FIND THE DIFFERENCE with us once for recognition of our commitments: promptness, accuracy and excellence in services to our clients.

We Extend Our Services to:

  • Starting a New Business
  • Analytical Advice on Choosing Different Form of Entities
  • Entity Formation
  • Incorporation, LLC’s, Private Foundations, & Charitable Organizations
  • ITIN/EIN Application & Procurement
  • Buying or Selling a Business
  • Analysis of Different Source of Capitals and their Long-term Impact
  • Preparing Extensive Business Plan
  • Conducting Research Activities
  • Preparing Projections for a Lender, Creditors, or Suppliers
  • Predicting Cash Flows, Revenue, and Growth
  • Preparing Statements and Reports for Decision Support
  • Advice on Compliance Matters Being a Business Owner
  • Advice on Opening and Closing Business
  • Ongoing Planning on Accounting and Taxation

Trying to merge with another company? Or are you trying to sell a portion of your business? We must take into account the fact that Business Valuation is the very first step to access your business worth.

Rest Assure TaxRaja has deep expertise in financial modeling and forecast. Which will give you the most reliable and accurate business valuation services as possible. We have Certified Valuation Analyst(CVA) with decades of experience. So you do not need to worry about business valuation. Also rest assure while our expertise generates quality results for your business valuation.