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Individual Returns

Individual Tax Returns

Whether your are self employed or a company director, completing a Individual Tax Returns is a requirement of every limited company director or a share holder. Tax return is a time consuming and stressful task, especially if it left for the last minute. Preparing tax return is not only about entering data on tax return. It involves understanding the reporting options and technical issues behind them.

Many people find it time consuming and complicated, so no wonder peoples forget or miss to complete the tax return. And missing deadline means you have have to cover up penalties i.e. more money.

TaxRaja has decades of experience in Individual Tax Returns. You can rest assure and leave the time consuming works to us. You can use your precious effort and time on doing things that are more important and leave the stress work to us. We will take care of everything from completing the and calculating your tax liability or tax refund. To verifying all the information with you before submitting your Personal Tax Return to HMRC on time.

Individual Tax Service:

We prepare all federal, state, and local individual tax returns and ensuring the accuracy and maximum tax savings.

We Extend Our Services to:

  • Income Tax for Individuals
  • Quarterly Estimated Tax Analysis
  • Investment Income Analysis
  • Rental Income Analysis
  • Capital Gains and their Proper Tax Treatment
  • Gambling Winnings and Hobbies
  • Foreign Income Analysis
  • Proper Tax Treatment for Self Employee Individuals
  • Compliance for Household Employment
  • Earned Income Tax Credits & Its Proper Compliance
  • Child Tax Credits
  • Dependent Care Credits
  • Education Credits or Deductions
  • Vehicle Credits and Deductions
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Itemize Deductions
  • Mortgage Interest Deduction and Other Related Expense Treatment
  • New Home-buyer Tax Credits
  • Gift Tax Treatment
  • Advice on Life Changing Events that Affects Tax Treatment
  • Representing you with IRS in any IRS Audits Matters