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Individual Returns

Individual Returns

Individual Tax Service:

We prepare all federal, state, and local individual tax returns and ensuring the accuracy and maximum tax savings.

We Extend Our Services to:

  • Income Tax for Individuals
  • Quarterly Estimated Tax Analysis
  • Investment Income Analysis
  • Rental Income Analysis
  • Capital Gains and their Proper Tax Treatment
  • Gambling Winnings and Hobbies
  • Foreign Income Analysis
  • Proper Tax Treatment for Self Employee Individuals
  • Compliance for Household Employment
  • Earned Income Tax Credits & Its Proper Compliance
  • Child Tax Credits
  • Dependent Care Credits
  • Education Credits or Deductions
  • Vehicle Credits and Deductions
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Itemize Deductions
  • Mortgage Interest Deduction and Other Related Expense Treatment
  • New Home-buyer Tax Credits
  • Gift Tax Treatment
  • Advice on Life Changing Events that Affects Tax Treatment
  • Representing you with IRS in any IRS Audits Matters